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Garage Door Springs Repair - Sammamish WA

Can such small components really determine the efficiency of your automatic garage door? Actually, yes. They can. Springs happen to be an integral part of the entire mechanism. Without them, you literally would not be able to open or close your door at all.  By letting our experts take care of all of your spring related needs, you're effectively making sure your daily routine stays as convenient as possible.

Garage Door Spring Broke – What To Do?

The first step when realizing you have a broken garage door spring is to take safety precautions. You see, trying to DIY the spring replacement can prove more than dangerous. Lots of tension gets carried by the coils of your average garage door spring. When it breaks, this sudden release of tension can force the spring out of its place and make it fly around or whip. Since these are strong pieces of flexible steel, if you’re near the broken garage door spring at that time, you can end up getting really hurt. And that’s not all. A garage door with no springs that work can pose some danger as well. So can the process of installing a new spring on the door. Whenever you find yourself in such a pickle, let our professional Sammamish garage door spring repair technicians handle things. 

What is a Garage Door Spring?

The actual mechanism consists of a complex series of steel shafts, cable drums, steel wires and bearings. They all work together to ensure that your manual or automatic garage door opens and closes. Depending on the mechanism, the springs may contract to raise the door as the pent-up tension is released. Needless to say, because these components are some of the most important parts of your entire system, it's imperative that you make sure to take good care of them.

Leave Spring Replacement to our Experts!

You should avoid handling any spring related situation by yourself. Since they are not only responsible for moving your door, but also of keeping it in place, installing new springs requires a great deal of experience and skill, not to mention the proper precision tools. The inherent dangers involved in this type of procedure make it highly inadvisable to attempt to replace your springs on your own. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will ensure that everything is fitted professionally and safely.

The Eventuality of it all

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Even through proper maintenance and care, your springs will eventually succumb to old age and will have to be replaced. However, that endpoint can be considerably delayed under the right maintenance routine. Our technicians will apply the correct lubrication and will routinely examine your springs to make sure they stay up to par. Sometimes springs just need a little nudge in the right direction. Our experts will adjust their tension whenever it proves necessary.

Customer Service You can Count On

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and we rely on your feedback to help us improve. Garage Door Repair Sammamish will continue to do all that we can to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with both our services and our products.

Cheap Spring Replacement For Sammamish Garage Doors

Nobody likes having to spend money on an unforeseen expense. Especially when it occurs so suddenly and becomes a major interruption to your day. This is why we often recommend garage door owners can their springs replaced in due time and not wait until they break. The unexpected nature of this problem, combined with the dangers and the disruption to your day, make broken garage door springs very annoying to suddenly have to deal with. Luckily, you don’t need to wait long for help. With our Sammamish garage door spring repair services, you’ve always got a quick and cheap solution standing by. Let us know whenever you need help with garage door springs and get the best deal on new ones from local professionals. 

More Information You Can Use

How can I tell which type of garage door springs I have?

It’s easy to tell the difference between torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are always wrapped around a rigid metal spindle and mounted above the garage door. The spindle that holds the springs will run along the top of the door, lengthwise. Extension springs are most often mounted on cables, and point away from the door on either side of the garage. They can most often be found running along either side wall of the garage, parallel to the upper part of the tracks.

Can you open a garage door with a broken spring?

In some cases, you can, but it might not be the best idea. Most garage doors are designed to lock themselves in place if one of their springs breaks, so they can’t be moved even manually. If your door doesn’t automatically lock after a spring breakage, you should still avoid moving it as much as you can. Opening a garage door with a broken spring can cause damage to the opener and other components which are much more expensive to replace.

How complex are garage door spring repairs?

Garage door springs are dangerous to handle, especially if they’re broken and have parts that can snap out when they shouldn’t. Because of this, replacing them is tricky. Safe performance of spring repair has many extra steps to prevent anything from going wrong. Failure to take these measures can put the person doing the job at risk, as well as anyone or anything else unlucky enough to be nearby. Because of this, garage door spring replacement is a complicated project at least in practice.

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