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When you’ve been working garage doors and openers for as long as we have, you start to realize how important it is to look after them. Check below for some helpful tips.

The nuts and bolts on your garage door tracks and brackets will loosen over time due to repeated usage. The opinions on how often you should check and tighten them are quite varied. Our experts recommend tightening them on the same regular basis you check the pressure of your car tires.
It's a simple and easy trick. Abstinence. That is, just try and use your garage door only when you have to. As with every other mechanical device, wear and tear is a major factor when it comes to longevity. The springs, for example, have their own lifespan, and the more strain they experience the shorter they last.
Aside from checking for dents, irregularities, and other forms of damage on your garage door, our specialists recommend checking its sides for any small openings. If any are found they must be sealed as soon as possible. Aside from the dangers of harsh weather, intruders can use these openings to gain access into your home.
Every homeowner should perform this test every month. Fully open the door, and then push the opener button down to close it. As the door starts closing, grab its bottom part and try to resist the motion. If your door does not reverse easily, its force setting must be recalibrated.
A noisy garage door can be a pain in the neck, especially if there is a bedroom directly above your garage. Don't waste another moment. The noise often has something to do with worn and damaged rollers, hinges, springs, or tracks. Our specialists advise that you replace the damaged components immediately in order to solve the noise issue and prevent further problems.
If your garage becomes uncomfortably hot in the summer, it may be a result of poor ventilation. We advise you easily solve the issue with fan installation. Freestanding exhaust fans, or their ceiling mounted counterparts can easily send airflow out through a door or window. If the garage also has a condensation problem, a shutter fan can improve the atmosphere significantly. Proper insulation is another factor you'll want to consider. Inspect your garage door for possible water leaks or tiny structure damage.
Opener systems can usually be divided into three types. Screw drive models have few moving parts which provide great reliability and quiet operation but can be pricey. Chain drive models provide durability, reliability and are economical, but they can also be a little noisy. Belt drive models operate faster and quieter than chain models but they usually require more maintenance. Your best bet is to base your choice on your personal preferences.

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